Tooth Whitening for Life Terms and Conditions:

  • Your dentist will assess you and advise if you are suitable for home tooth whitening.
  • The home whitening pack will contain an upper and a lower whitening tray and 6 whitening gel syringes at a membership fee of £195.
  • You will be given 1 syringe of whitening gel for free every 24 months as long as you stay a member of Time Dental Membership Plan. Any further syringes requested will incur a fee.

Membership Terms and Conditions:

  • Open to adults
  • All patients must have had a comprehensive examination at Time Dental prior to joining the membership.
  • Payment by monthly direct debit.
  • If the direct debit is cancelled within 1 year then the electric toothbrush and full treatment fees will need to be paid retrospectively for benefits already received.
  • The child dental examination benefit extends to one child per parent (please talk to us if you have more than 2 children). This includes oral health advice. Treatment on adult teeth will be charged at adult fees. Children covered by this benefit must be under 18 years and are only covered whilst membership of the parents is maintained.
  • Members dental Hygiene will start after the completion of your initial course of treatment. Members benefits include 2 hygienist appointments per year. Any further hygiene appointments required are to be paid at members rates.
  • Terms and conditions are reviewed every 6 months and are subject to change. Membership is strictly limited and benefits can be revised at any time.
  • There is an initial £20 registration fee payable on application.