In order to design the smile you want, we follow some important principles to ensure we give you the best aesthetic smile.

Horizontal Alignment:

Your smile line should ideally be parallel with the horizontal.


For aesthetically pleasing smiles we always look for symmetry. To achieve this, the two front teeth are made to be as symmetrical as possible and parallel to the midline.

Smile line:

This is a line which connects the edges of your teeth which ideally should follow the curve of your lower lip.

Gum line:

This line joins the upper most part of your teeth and should follow the curve of your upper lip.

Golden Proportions:

This suggests your six front teeth are arranged in a width ratio of 1.6:1:0.6 to give the ideal smile. These are given as guidelines and allow for flexibility to individualise smiles.

Smile width:

Normally smiles have a gradual progression of showing the front teeth to the back. Some smiles are too narrow where the front teeth are dominant and the back teeth are in shadow. Having a broader smile gives a more aesthetic result.


These are the little spaces at the corners of each tooth which gradually get larger from front to back and give character to your smile.

Tooth proportion:

This guideline indicates that teeth should be at a specific height to width ratio – i.e. ideally, your front tooth height to width ratio should be 1: 0.7

Tooth Shade:

It has been shown that youthful smiles are whiter and brighter than older smiles. We can select the right tooth shade for you that complements your skin tone to give you the smile you want.