Looking for an Alton dentist?

If you are looking for a caring Alton dentist then this is the place to visit!

At Time Dental  your highly trained cosmetic dentist will guide you through the most advanced dental treatment options so that you can make the right decision for your dental care.

When you call us and you will find that the Time Dental team will give you a warm welcome and provide everything we can to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible. Enjoy a fresh coffee or soft drink in the lounge and choose from a list of DVD entertainment while you have your treatment carried out. We can provide you with a blanket and the Time Dental lip balm to ensure complete comfort.

Time Dental’s expert trained cosmetic dentist has a background of providing high quality general dental care as well as advanced cosmetic dental procedures. He is one of few Full members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) and has completed a year long training specifically in cosmetic dentistry as well as working along side the best dental speakers in the field.

The Time team can provide all your dental service requirements as well as facial anti-wrinkle treatments. Our dentist can look after your dental care with dental examinations, treatments with composite white fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants tooth whitening or a complete smile makeover.

At your first visit with your dentist, he will carry out a full comprehensive examination of your current dental health and will discuss all your treatment options before anything is carried out. Your dentist will ensure that you fully understand what is happening in your mouth and the team will ensure you are at your most comfortable.

You want a caring dentist and dental team near Alton. That’s us!

Travelling to our dental practice from Alton

Distance from Alton: 9.2 miles (show in km)
Time: 0 hr 14 min

  1. Start out on Vicarage Hill in Alton
  2. Turn right onto Church Street
  3. At mini-roundabout turn left onto Normandy Street
  4. At mini-roundabout continue forward onto Normandy Street
  5. Turn right onto Paper Mill Lane – Bordon
  6. Turn left onto Dicker’s Lane – B3004
  7. Turn left onto Mill Lane – B3004
  8. At T-junction turn right onto the B3004 – Guildford, Farnham A31
  9. At roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A31 – Guildford, Farnham A325
  10. At Coxbridge roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A325 – Central Farnham
  11. At roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A325
  12. Arrive at Time Dental on West Street

To arrange a consultation with our outstanding Alton dentist, call 01252 723 008. We look forward to hearing from you.  Time Dental- Private dental care at it’s best.

Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Do you provide dental braces?

Yes we do. We know that people want to braces to do different things, sometimes people want straighter teeth in the shortest amount of time, sometimes people want straighter teeth with braces that are invisible or perhaps you want orthodontic braces to suit your lifestyle?

When you travel to visit us from Alton we will spend time to discuss your needs and find out exactly what it is that you want, we can then offer you a customised treatment plan which explains all of our teeth straightening options which could include things like orthodontic braces, dental veneers and perhaps teeth whitening following treatment.

It would be easy on a website to promote only one type of orthodontic brace but we know that you are a unique individual which is why we offer a range of braces to suit your requirements, all we need to do is spend some time listening to what you want, and that is exactly what will happen when you take the time to visit us.

We know that travelling from Alton will be quick and easy and so to help this we also offer a free assessment for any of our orthodontic braces. Please click here to request your unique and personalised invitation for a free assessment.

How can I replace missing teeth?

There are a few alternatives to replace missing teeth namely dentures, dental bridges and dental implants. Whilst dental implants may have the highest initial investment they may possibly work out the most cost-effective treatment in the long run. Dental implants are able to preserve the bone in your jaw where the teeth have been extracted and prevent that bone resorbing even more, this is why patients like to have dental implants and are prepared to travel from around the local area, including Alton, to visit us for dental implant treatment.

Dentures and dental bridges can also be a great way to replace missing teeth, as with many dental options that come with advantages and disadvantages. Dentures need to be taken out to be cleaned which many people don’t like but they tend to be the cheapest option. Dental bridges on the other hand are permanently fixed in, but may necessitate reducing some of the teeth either side of the gap in order to suspend the new false tooth in the middle – this is a good option but as dentists we prefer to maintain as much of the natural tooth structure as possible and so dental bridges do come with some disadvantages.

The best way to find out if it is possible to replace the missing teeth is to drive to us from Alton, which only takes about quarter of an hour and have a free consultation where we can discuss your concerns and find out which of these options is best for you.

Is teeth whitening an option?

So long as you have all of your natural teeth and they are in good condition then teeth whitening will almost certainly be an option for you. Teeth whitening cannot be used if you have existing restorations on any of the teeth which you want whiter for example dental veneers or dental crowns. If the teeth you want whiter include veneers or crowns then it may be possible to whiten the natural teeth either side and replace the restoration with a new and whiter one.

Teeth whitening is provided using our home whitening service. We will make you a close-fitting and customised whitening tray which fits perfectly over your teeth and is made exclusively for you, inside of this whitening tray you will place a small amount of the bleaching gel and where the tray for a few hours each day. Of course we’ll give you exact instructions as to exactly how long you will need to wear the trays for but typically patients tend to wear them for about two weeks for a few hours each night.

We are very fortunate that patients travel from around the local area including places like Alton to come and visit us for teeth whitening, being only 14 min away from the centre of Alton makes us very convenient to travel to.

If you would like a free consultation to discuss teeth whitening please do complete this form and we will send you a personalised invitation.


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