Dental implants in Farnham-what are they?

dental-implants-in-farnhamWhat are they and what is the benefit of having dental implants in Farnham? The easiest way to think of a dental implant is to see it as a root replacement of a tooth.

Teeth are attached to your jaw bone. If you end up losing a tooth due to decay, gum disease or trauma don’t panic. You will not have to live with a space there for the rest of your life. Losing a tooth can be upsetting, especially if it is a front tooth. But help is at hand.

Dental implants can replace the missing root and then a special connector and crown can be fitted to restore your smile and allow you to chew confidently again. If you have had multiple teeth missing for many years and are wearing dentures you could have fixed teeth once again! How would that make you feel? No more dentures moving when eating. You can enjoy your food once again and significantly improve your quality of life.

Options for replacing missing teeth are either removable such as dentures, or fixed like dental bridges or dental implants. Dental bridges are an excellent way of restoring a missing tooth. However the teeth on either side of the space often needs to be prepared in order to cement the bridge. Having a dental implant replaces only the missing teeth and the teeth on either side of the space does not need to be prepared at all.

When a tooth is removed the bone will shrink back over time.  Having a dental implant helps to preserve the bone and reduces the shrinkage. So it helps to keep the foundations for your teeth.

Dental implants does involve surgery. At Time Dental our implant surgeon has placed hundreds of dental implants in Farnham and has the necessary skills and training required to deal with the most complex of cases.Once the surgery has been completed, 3 months of healing is required before starting the next step of placing the connector and crown that emerges from the dental implant. If you have a front tooth missing, don’ worry you wont have to have a gap fro 3 months! You will be provided with a temporary prosthesis in place so that you can still smile.

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