Do dental implants hurt?

dental-implants-hurtMany patients ask this question: Do dental implants hurt? This is a perfectly normal question to ask. It is after all surgery. When the treatment is carried out and the implant is being placed, there will be no pain. The implant surgeon will give you a local anaesthetic to make sure that you are comfortable at all times.

A dental implant is like a titanium root that replaces the dental tooth root. This type of procedure is carried out carefully and skillfully under anaesthetic which makes it pain-free. Time Dentals implant surgeon, Dr Ian Seddon, has placed hundreds of implants. He has had extensive implant training and has an enormous amount of experience. The position and placement of the implant is critical for a successful outcome so having a precise eye for this treatment is crucial. Understanding of how the gums heal is also very important for cases where the the gum has receded.

Once the implant is placed there can be some redness, bruising and swelling. It can feel uncomfortable once the anesthetic has worn off but a simple course of analgesics and an ice-pack helps to keep any post operative swelling down. Instructions for post operative healing is also given, which must be followed carefully. This enables optimum healing and minimum discomfort after surgery. Each case is different and some cases are more involved with gum and bone grafting which can make the post operative healing more tender. So do dental implants hurt? Not during the surgery, but it may be uncomfortable after the procedure depending on whether other advanced procedures are required.

Once the surgery is complete the next phase is the integration of the implant. This normally takes 3 months for the implant to fully integrate with the surrounding bone. During this healing time, you may be given a temporary prosthesis such as a bridge or denture to ensure that you do not have any gaps in your smile. Once this is complete your dentist will construct your new connector and teeth so that they can be fixed to your new implants, allowing you to smile and chew with confidence.

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