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What can you do about my forehead lines?

http://mercedgardens.com/season/winter/fall-planting-season-2/?month=aug forehead-linesForehead lines are a common complaint from patients that we see. If you have a very expressive brow, then you are more likely to have forehead lines not only when your eyebrows move but also when your brow is at rest.,

Kościan The skin on the forehead is already thin. As we get older fat is lost under the skin and the skin also loses its elasticity. Therefore as you move your brow, the skin folds and creases more obviously around the forehead area resulting in the horizontal lines.

The good news is these lines can be treated and softened. Using botulinum treatment the muscle activity can be reduced to give a softer appearance. The treatment reduces the muscle activity of the frontalis muscle which overlies the forehead. Understanding anatomy and how the muscles work is very important to achieving an aesthetic result. If you want to avoid the frozen forehead look then an experienced clinician can provide the results that you’re looking for.

Dr Rashid at Time Dental has been providing this type of treatment for over 11 years. He has lots of experience in treating these types of cases as there’s also an art to creating a natural result. All too often the classic tell tale sign of a frozen forehead is an absolute giveaway that treatment has been done. Through his experience Dr Rashid can safely provide treatment to give the best result.

Asymmetry of the brow can also be corrected. Some patients naturally have a higher eyebrow than the other and treatment provided in a careful way can balance and level the asymmetry. Avoiding the pitfall of overtreating an area only comes with experience and understanding the nuance of what looks natural.

If you are interested in having safe and effective treatment by an experienced clinician then call us on 01252 723 008 to see how we can help you.

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