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How can your dentist in Farnham prevent bad breath?

http://advanceddentalmn.com/.local dentist-farnhamAt one time or other most people will experience bad breath (or halitosis). But what many people may not realise is that it could be related to other health conditions or a bad oral hygiene regime. Fortunately a dentist in Farnham can help you beat the problem.

http://kamransolicitors.co.uk/2015/11/30 Our patients often ask us if bad breath can be removed or even preventable. At Time Dental we spend the time to fully diagnose the problem and as your dentist in Farnham by getting the right diagnosis, we can advise the right treatment.

Are some people more prone to halitosis than others? This is a great question. Often halitosis is caused by poor oral hygiene care. So this can potentially affect anyone. It can also be caused by other factors to such as medical conditions like diabetes and or gastrointestinal conditions. Eating strong smelling foods can also result in bad breath eg onions, garlic, anchovies. Even some medications can result in a dry mouth which reduces the washing action from the saliva and can result in food debris and heavier plaque build up.

If you have bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene, then your dentist in Farnham can advise the proper teeth brushing technique, tongue brushing and interdental cleaning to help reduce the plaque build up. Not only will this deal with the bad breath but it will also reduce the risk of decay and gum disease in the mouth. Drinking plenty of water can really help to if you suffer from a dry mouth due to medication. Plenty of sips throughout the day will keep you hydrated as well as your mouth washed. If bad breath is caused by medications then possibly changing medication under supervision of your medical GP maybe an option.

If you want to help prevent bad breath and keep your mouth fresh then call us on 0125 723 008


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