Dermal fillers in Surrey

dermal-fillersDermal fillers have been around for a long time. There have been huge advances in the development of the product structure over the years. The actual physiology of the aging face is much better understood now. So issues such as pillow faces can be avoided, as well as duck lips.

It is now understood that the fat in the face is compartmentalised into fat pads. Each fat pad of the face deteriorates at different times. The initial stages of fat loss aging on the face is by the cheek area called the malar fat pad. As the fat is lost is this area this gives rise to a sunken face around the lower eye area known as the tear trough.

As the fat continues to be lost in this area the skin begins to sag which then also results in the classic nasio-labial folds (nose to lip lines) which gives a significant aging appearance. Following that the corners of the mouth drop which results in lines which we call marionettes lines.

Although certain lines on the face maybe the main concern for the patient, it is important to look at the face as a whole. It’s crucial to understand the reasons why the lines appear and treat appropriately

Often treating the cheek area with dermal fillers has the biggest impact on the face. However, everyone is different and unique which is why each case must be treated on an individual basis.

Our principal dentist at Time Dental is also our facial clinician. Dr Rashid has been providing facial aesthetics for 11 years and knows what is safe, effective and suitable for you as he has a keen artistic eye and detailed knowledge of anatomy. Giving injections is routine for him which makes it more comfortable for you.

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