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surrey-dentistHappy new year! Christmas does feel a long time ago now, but your Surrey dentist at Time Dental has your health in mind for the new year.

The media has alot of reports on diets, exercise and healthy living after the excesses of Christmas, so that’s why we’ve decided to kick off the new year with a blog on why visiting your Surrey dentist is so important.

Tooth decay can initially start off as a silent disease. What we mean by this is in the early stages of tooth decay, for example, you don’t always get signs and symptoms of any problems in the mouth. If you start getting pain and sensitivity from your teeth, it can often mean that the nerve is involved it may take complex treatment to resolve the problem or even result in tooth loss.

Gum disease initially starts with bleeding gums after you have brushed them. You may have noticed this when you spit out after brushing. Don’t ignore these signs! Would you ignore bleeding from any other part of your body? Go see your dentist who can help to diagnose the problem. Often moderate gum disease does not show any initial signs which is why it is so important to visit your dentist regularly to help screen your mouth for gum disease. Studies have shown gum disease is linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and premature birth.

Not only at Time Dental do we assess the health of your teeth and gums, but we also assess the soft tissues that surround the mouth. Like the inside cheeks, tongue, back of the throat and palate. What we are assessing for are any signs of oral cancer. The initial signs can be very specific and not painful which is why catching it early is crucial for treatment.

Time Dental is your Surrey dentist. Let us help you for a healthy 2019.