Best way to remove frown lines

 remove-frown-linesWhat’s the best way to remove frown lines? Well, it depends what you are trying to achieve. There are ways to definitely soften frown lines. The most effective way that we have found is by a course of botulinum treatment.

Frown lines occur due to the underlying muscles moving to form facial expression. Some people have more active forehead muscles than other people. There are two main groups of muscles in the forehead area. The depressor muscles which are the muscles that form frown lines between the eyebrows and the elevator muscles that form the horizontal lines across the forehead.

The muscle used to raise the eyebrows is called the frontalis. The muscles used when frowning are called the corrugator supercilli and the procerus.  As we get older the skin becomes less elastic and as we use our facial muscles the wrinkles become more obvious.

Botulinum treatment is a very safe way of softening these specific groups of muscles. I often advise not to remove frown lines completely. This is because having no movement looks false and the public are much more aware of this and can often tell if someone has had treatment.

Very specific knowledge is required about the anatomy of the face and to know how the muscles function and where they are. Everyone is different so it’s important to have a clinician treat you who has a full understanding of facial anatomy. They should also have the artistic knowledge of what looks natural.

If you are having this type of treatment for the first time, the initial treatment is often a trial to see how your muscles respond to the botulinum. Everyones muscles respond differently to the treatment, so the more regularly you have the treatment the more accurate the following treatments will be to achieve your desired result.

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