Multi-award nominated dentist explains orthodontics

dentist-explains-orthodonticsTime Dental is a multi-award nominated dental practice for adult orthodontics. Teeth straightening is becoming very popular for adults and there are many types of appliances out there. Our dentist explains orthodontics and what it’s all about.

“We see many adult patients at Time Dental who are lacking the confidence when smiling. This can be due to crowded teeth , worn or chipped edges or discoloured teeth. So to be a multi-award nominated practice for this type of treatment has been an honor to be recognised among international peers.

One option for correcting crowded or gappy teeth is to use adult orthodontic braces.  When I mention braces often people think about metal train track braces. But there are many other options these days.

Braces can still be fixed, but tooth coloured brackets can be used with tooth coloured wire. This makes the braces much more discreet. There are several advantages using fixed brackets as they are great for more complex cases.

Another type is the Invisalign clear aligner system. This uses custom fit clear aligners that are worn and are changed every week to incrementally move your teeth into the correct position. This type of option is currently very popular as they are very discreet and the results are amazing. The advantage of this type of brace is that you can take it out so you can pretty much eat your usual foods; they are clear so they’re very discreet; and you  can clean your teeth easier as they can be taken out. Not all cases can be treated with Invisalign so you need to get a proper assessment first before you can have this type of treatment.

After teeth straightening often teeth edges need to be rebuilt due to previous wear on the teeth as crowded and twisted teeth often end up with worn edges. So once the teeth straightening is sorted, we often carry out composite bonding on the teeth to restore the original shape.”

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