Multi-award nominated Time Dental for adult orthodontics

adult-orthodonticsIt was an exciting event last weekend. Time Dental had been nominated for awards at the IAS (intelligent Alignment system) awards ceremony for adult orthodontics in London. What we didn’t realise were the number of entrants for the awards. There were hundreds of entrants from not only the UK but also from all over Europe. Sitting with colleagues from Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark made me realise this was a big deal!

Time Dental was nominated for two awards. For Best Clear Smile Braces case and Best orthodontic restorative case. We had been shortlisted to 10 finalist nominees for each category. The winners were announced and although Time Dental didn’t win, we were certainly honored to be even in the final shortlist among colleagues.

So what are Clear Smile Braces and what is an orthodontic restorative case? Clear smile brace is a teeth straightening system that uses clear fixed brackets and tooth coloured wires to discreetly improve the position of the teeth. Traditionally braces used to be metal train tracks and are still use today. However advances in technology has allowed brackets to be clear so they are much more discreet. Perfect for anyone who is self conscious about their smile and want to improve with adult orthodontics.

An orthodontic restorative case means a a combined treatment plan case. Orthodontics is the movement of teeth with appliances that can be removable or fixed. At Time Dental we have multiple options which means you can choose which will be suitable for your lifestyle. The restorative aspect can involve using crowns, veneers or composite bonding on teeth that may be worn, chipped or cracked to improve the final result after teeth straightening. In many cases this is required because if your teeth are not straight they are often worn at the edges due to the way the bite is.

All this may sound confusing or complex but this where we come in. We have the expertise to give you your options and help you make the right decision.

Call us on 01252 723 008 to see how our award nominated finalist can help you with your new smile!