Time Dental shortlisted for adult orthodontic braces awards

adult-orthodontic-bracesTime Dental have been shortlisted for two awards for adult orthodontic braces and composite bonding!

The awards ceremony is this weekend for the IAS (Intelligent Alignment System) best clinical cases. Time Dental was competing against hundreds of entrants and has been short listed for Best Clear Smile Braces case and Best orthodontic restorative case.

Adult orthodontic braces is a very popular method of achieving straight teeth. Time Dental have been seeing patients who have had self confidence issues due to crooked and misshapen teeth for the last nine years. Not only can teeth be gappy or crooked, the edges of the teeth are often chipped, uneven and very worn down. So once the teeth have been straightened, composite bonding is often required to help the teeth look like their original shape instead of being worn and chipped.

There is a particular artistic skill required to make composite bonding look natural and blend with the rest of the teeth. Our restorative dentist Dr Rashid has had decades of training for cosmetic composite bonding. He also uses his artistic talents to achieve great results.

The team at Time Dental provide many different teeth straightening systems. Clear fixed braces is just one option. Time Dental also provide Damon clear, Invisalign clear aligners, incognito lingual braces and the Inman aligner.

All these systems may sound confusing. The best thing we advise is to have a consultation with our specialist orthodontist who can then discuss all your options and which treatment options are going to be suited for you.

It’s important to understand that not every adult orthodontic treatment is suitable for every patient. Each case is individual and some options may work better than others. Our specialist orthodontist will be able to let you know.

Why not give us a call to arrange a FREE consultation with our orthodontist to see how we can help?