Frown line treatment in Farnham, Surrey

frown-line-treatment“I am always frowning, can you do anything about these frown lines between my eyes?”.”Everyone says I always look cross when I’m not!”. “Do you do frown line treatment here?”

Have you asked these questions before? We hear them frequently at Time Dental. The frown lines between the eyes can vary  tremendously from patient to patient. It can be as extreme as having a continuous look of frowning even when you are not!

So can anything be done about frown lines?

The answer is YES. Frown line treatment can be carried out in this area to soften the frown line using botulinum.You may have heard of Botox. This is just a brand name. There are other products such as Azzalure, Dysport and Bocouture that have the same active ingredient.

There are two main muscle groups that cause the frowning in between the eyes: the procerus and the corrugator supercilli. These two muscle groups pull down to give the vertical and sometimes horizontal furrow between the eyes.

Often 5 small injections are need with botulinum in these muscles to achieve the desired result. The treatment takes only a few minutes. The results can be seen in 7-14 days after treatment.

Will I get a frozen look?

This is a great question and one that is asked almost all the time. The simple answer is no if the frown line treatment is carried out correctly. Our highly skilled facial clinician, Dr Rashid at Time Dental will carry out a thorough facial analysis first. This allows him to see how strong your muscles are. The amount that is given is specifically tailored to the strength of your muscles.

When a patient is having treatment for the first time we always advise a smaller amount first. A very important clinical review is carried out two weeks later where adjustments can be made.

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