Forehead wrinkle treatment in Surrey at Time Dental

forehead-wrinkle-treatmentWe have a number of patients asking about forehead wrinkle treatment at Time Dental. Try this: look in the mirror and see if there are horizontal lines on your forehead when your face is at rest. Now raise your eyebrows and see if there are multiple horizontal lines on your forehead. What do you see? Multiple lines, only a few?

These horizontal lines can have an aging affect on your face, especially if the lines or furrows are there when your face is at rest. This means you have a very active elevator forehead muscle called the frontalis. Now the next question to ask yourself is: does that bother you?

If it does bother you, then we can help. The forehead has one main elevator muscle called the frontalis that starts at the hairline and finishes at the level of the eyebrows. As you get closer to the eyebrows there are other layers of muscle groups called depressor muscles that are used to frown with. They are called the procerus, corrugator supercilli and the orbital portion of the obicularis oculi. It is the frontalis muscle that causes the horizontal lines on the forehead.

These lines can be softened with injectable forehead wrinkle treatment using botulinum . There are a number of different brand names that make this product but the end result is the same. A series of botulinum injections across the forehead will reduce and soften the horizontal lines giving a fresher appearance. The secret for successful treatment and avoiding the frozen forehead look is the careful analysis of the face.

Our Facial aesthetic clinician has been providing this treatment for 10 years and has detailed knowledge of facial anatomy which is crucial for a successful outcome. At the initial consultation photographs will be taken and your facial muscle movement will be analysed. Our clinician will then be able assess what level of treatment will be required; how many treatment sites and the dose amount for your individual case that will be necessary.

If you’re interested, give us a call to see how we can help you on 01252 723 008.