Completely invisible braces at Time Dental….

How can Invisible braces help you?

Studies have shown that your smile is important when you meet new people. Job interviews, dates, meeting friends, making new friends. Your smile has a huge impact on those around you. Having crooked, twisted of gappy smile will have an impact on your self confidence. But the big thing that puts most adults off is having to wear braces.

There are now many options for dental braces so you don’t have to have metal traintracks anymore. You can have clear fixed braces that are very discreet. So it has all the advantages of moving your teeth quickly but is not as visible as the brackets are clear and so are the wires.

Another option is you could have clear aligners that are transparent and allow you to eat all your usual foods when your having your treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are an excellent choice for discreet braces but they are not suitable for all types of situations. Although they are discreet, they still require attachments that are bonded onto your teeth.

But did you know you can get completely invisible braces?  Even with fixed bracket braces which are clear, if you look hard enough you will be able to spot them. The same with invisalign aligners. However another alternative is are lingual braces.

Lingual braces are dental braces that are fitted onto the inside of your upper or lower teeth. This makes them completely invisible to anyone else. So no one need know you are wearing them.

At Time Dental, our specialist orthodontist Dr Andreea Negulescu provides this particular type of treatment as well as many other options. Treatment time depends on the initial complexity of the case, but typical time frames are 8-24 months.

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