Is facial Aesthetics safe? read on for more info…

facial-aestheticsWe get this question a lot when we have patients who have not had facial aesthetics treatment before. And the straight forward answer is yes it is safe, IF the treating clinician has the expertise and necessary training.

Dr Rashid is our Facial Aesthetics clinician at Time Dental. He has been providing this treatment for 10 years. With extensive training in facial aesthetics, he also has the detailed understanding of facial anatomy which is crucial for successful treatment.

Why is knowing about facial anatomy important?

Your face is a complex network of blood supply, nerves, muscles, glands, that supply organs like your eyes, nose, lips, mouth and tongue. If you are having injections into the facial musculature it makes sense to have a full understanding of the detailed anatomy surrounding these muscles and how they work to give you facial expression. They are all linked, so an effect on one muscle will have a knock-on effect on another part.

As a dentist, Dr Rashid has studied facial anatomy for years and with the use of injectables in the face it is even more important to understand the anatomy and physiology and pharmacology of how the products work and how your body deals with it.

In order for successful treatment the facial anatomy and muscles of facial expression need to be analysed. Each muscle has different starting and end points. Your facial aesthetic clinician will study your face and take digital photos to provide a record of your starting point. He will also discuss the effects that you will expect and the potential side effects of carrying out this type of treatment. The initial consultation is very important to discuss all the aspects of treatment and expectations.

As well as the medical aspect of facial aesthetics there is also an artistic side to treatment. Facial aesthetics technique and understanding has come a long in last few years. Having a keen eye for knowing what looks aesthetic is also very important. In his spare time, Dr Rashid loves painting and drawing portraits so he has the aesthetic eye!

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