Dental tips for the New Year and a New you!

dental-tipsHappy New year everybody! Most people are back to work and back to school and getting back to routine. To help you into the New Year we’ve got 5 great dental tips to get you into healthy dental fitness. Try these and see the difference it makes. Small changes to your lifestyle will make substantial long term benefits.

1. Switch to an electric toothbrush. This will help more effectively brush the harmful plaque bacteria away than a manual toothbrush.

2. Clean inter-dentally at least once a day. Either with tepe brushes, floss sticks, air flosser, or dental tape. Cleaning inbetween clears an additional 40% of the tooth surface.

3. Try savoury snacks instead of sweet ones. This one can be a tricky one especially as sugar is so addictive. So if you like snacking on sweet things my advice is to gradually change your sweet snacks for savoury ones. So try changing one of your sweet snacks to something like, carrot sticks, homous, cheese scone, cracker biscuits, SOFT nuts, savoury muffins. Have a look online for some great ideas.

4. Switch to artificial sweeteners or cut out your sugar from tea/coffee. You may need to wean yourself off this one. But once you make the final switch to no sugar in your tea/ coffee you will never go back! Whatever you do don’t switch to honey in your tea/coffee as that as bad for your teeth as normal sugar. Remember frequent sugar intake means high risk of tooth decay.

5. Regularly visit your dentist and hygienist. We are here to help you. Guide you and advise you and be your support coach! We can spot things early and give you the correct preventative advice. Which means a healthier you!

Give these dental tips try and see the improvements. If you’re looking for a caring dental team to look after you, call us on 01252 723 008.

Hope to see you soon, Time Dental