Farnham dentist offers winter teeth whitening offer…

farnham-dentist-teeth-whiteningWell, you can certainly see that Christmas is on its way, even though it’s mid November. The “Christmas lights on” at Gostrey Meadows is tomorrow so it should be a fun event. To celebrate, Time Dental, your Farnham dentist, has a special teeth whitening offer for you this Winter.

That’s right. For a limited time only, Time Dental are offering teeth whitening for half price! Now that should make it a white Christmas for you! There are so many people who are not happy about the colour of their teeth which has a huge impact on their self-confidence. Professional teeth whitening is a course of treatment that can help you feel confident again.

Professional teeth whitening is the best way to freshen up your smile ready in time for all the festivities. At Time Dental we use the gold standard of teeth whitening procedure.

What are the steps for teeth whitening?

Your first step to a whiter smile is to have a consultation with our cosmetic dentist, Dr Rashid. Once he has carefully assessed your teeth and your dietary habits to ensure you are suitable for teeth whitening, moulds are taken of your teeth. These moulds are used to make your special teeth whitening custom fit trays. The professional teeth whitening gel is placed into the trays which are then inserted into the mouth and worn for 1 hour. Repeating this process effectively and gently removes the stains on your teeth to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening by a professional makes this treatment extremely safe and effective. It’s important to have your teeth checked to make sure you are suitable before starting a course of treatment such as this. There are many factors that may mean that your are not suitable and your dentist will be able to go through this with you.

So don’t delay! As your Farnham dentist we want you to have a white Christmas with a white smile using our professional teeth whitening system.