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Looking for a dentist in Farnborough? Read on…

Dongsheng dentist-in-farnboroughFinding a dentist in Farnborough can be tricky. Especially one that you can trust. How do you know where to go? Most people go via recommendations and if you’re anything like me I like to also read reviews of places other people have been so I can make sure I’m making the right decision. So if you’re looking for a dentist in Farnborough, Time Dental is for you.

Why Time Dental?

confidently As mentioned earlier, recommendations are often the best way to find a service. Just have a look at all the reviews Time Dental have received and you will see what I mean. Take a look at the website HERE and watch the videos of our happy patients. We know that a trip to the dentist can be a stressful event for some people, which is why we look to understand our patients first so that we can help them better. You’re the one in control and we are here to help you reach your goals. We just like to help people smile!

Your local dentist in Farnborough offers winter teeth whitening

We like to help people smile so much we have our winter teeth whitening offer now on. Christmas is fast approaching and parties may have already started for you. So if you’re looking to smile confidently at the parties we have just the thing for you. Half price teeth whitening for a limited time only. We recommend professional teeth whitening to really make a difference to whitening your smile.

What’s the difference of professional teeth whitening and over the counter products?

Only dentists are legally allowed to provide professional teeth whitening that uses hydrogen peroxide. All the other over the counter products are therefore not as effective. Time Dental provide teeth whitening treatment that is safe, effective and predictable. We also carry out an assessment first to make sure it is suitable for you.

You’re in safe hands, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Have a look at all the reviews HERE.

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