How you can have straight teeth in Aldershot…

Straight teeth in AldershotDid you that your smile has a huge impact everyday on the people you meet as well as yourself? When you meet people for the first time you have 6 seconds to create a great first impression. Now, if you do not feel confident about smiling because of crooked, gappy, twisted or crowded teeth- then we can help you! Time Dental is your Aldershot dentist and we can get you smiling again with adult orthodontics.

I thought orthodontics was just for teenagers?

Traditionally orthodontics was just offered to teenagers, but now with the advances in technology that make them more discreet more and more adults are choosing orthodontic dental braces to improve their smile. Just think how would you feel if we could straighten out your smile for you?

So how can I get straight teeth?

There are a number of ways to have straight teeth in Aldershot. So it’s important to know what your options are and what is suitable for you. That is why at Time Dental we are offering a FREE consultation to discuss your options fully so that you can choose what is appropriate for your lifestyle. We have been carrying out adult orthodontist treatments for over a decade so at Time Dental we know our stuff.

The treatment options that we provide are the Inman aligner, 6 moth smiles, clear fixed braces, Invisalign and discreet lingual braces.

Now all these treatments work in different ways so the best thing to do is have our dentist assess you first to see which option is suitable for you. Each case is individual and unique. So the treatment plan for you will be bespoke and suited just for your particular concerns.

With the new development of orthodontic technology you don’t have to have metal train track braces anymore! As an example, Invisalign treatment uses virtually invisible clear aligners that are removable. This means you can eat your usual foods and you can clean your teeth easily. Treatment times can be between six to 18 months depending on the case complexity. Another option is the clear fixed braces. This uses clear brackets that are fixed to the front surface of your teeth and uses a tooth coloured wire that helps to move your teeth quickly and comfortably. Treatment time can range between four and ten months.

What would it mean to you if you could smile more confidently? Give us a call on 01252 723 008 and we would love to help you.