Time Dental- your perfect West street dentist  

Your perfect West street dentist at Time DentalOur West street dentist at Time Dental take great pride in helping our patients keep their dental and general health at its very best. If its general, cosmetic, advanced dental work or facial wrinkle treatment; our highly trained and skilled dentists can help you.

Our West street dentist advise regular dental health checks to keep your mouth fit and healthy. That’s because it is much better to be able to provide preventative health advice and stop things from getting worse by catching disease in the early stages.

Restoring confidence

Many people suffer from the inability to eat and chew due to missing teeth. This results in pain when chewing and a lack of confidence. Now missing teeth can be replaced with fixed teeth. So no need for uncomfortable ill-fitting dentures that move around every time you eat anything. Your west street dentist can place dental implants that allow teeth to be fixe in the mouth. That means you can comfortably chew, eat and smile with confidence. How does that sound?

Restoring happiness

Not only can we restore your missing teeth, we can also help to improve your gums which are the foundations of your teeth as well as improve the look of the teeth position. By getting these issues sorted out you will be able to smile more and feel good about yourself. Gum disease can lead to a high risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke as well as cause bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loss and painful mouth. Regular maintenance therapy with our gentle hygienist helps to keep your gums in check and help give you the best skills and tips to make sure your home-care skills are at its best.

Straightening and aligning your teeth with orthodontics will help you to keep your gums healthy as well as give you a fantastic smile. Modern techniques with adult orthodontic braces means you can get the smile you have always wanted very discreetly. There is no need for metal train track braces anymore. Clear braces and transparent aligners can help you achieve your goals in as little as six to ten months! Now that’s super fast. Imagine you could have straight teeth by Christmas.