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Can I straighten my teeth without “train-track” metal braces?

There are so many people in Britain who are unhappy with their smile. Having a gappy smile, wonky teeth, teeth that are not aligned or maybe a combination of all the these problems can leave you feeling self-conscious. Some of our patients say that their problem does not affect them in anyway, but they do not like to show their teeth when smiling or when someone is taking a photo. I think that sounds like a bit of a contradiction if you ask me! Here at Time Dental we understand your concerns and we want to help you with Invisalign.

Entroncamento What is Invisalign?

This is an orthodontic treatment in Fleet for patients who do not want to have train-track orthodontic braces. The Invisalign treatment uses clear aligners that incrementally move your teeth over time into the desired position.

Invisalign in Fleet is an excellent discreet orthodontic brace. They are removable and must be worn for about 22 hours a day. They are only taken out when you are eating and having a hot drink. As they are transparent, most people will not know you have braces on! They are designed to suit around your lifestyle.

http://gentec-recruitment.co.uk/contact/ What are the benefits of Invisalign?

These clear aligners are custom fit to your mouth so they are very comfortable and because they are clear they are virtually invisible to other people. So your friends will not know you are having your teeth straightened.

As the Invisalign aligners are removable you can easily keep your teeth and gums clean. You can brush your teeth as normal in the morning and at night and also clean interdentally with floss or interdental brushes to maintain a healthy mouth during your treatment. You also need to clean your aligners, which is easy to do as you can take them out and use your toothbrush to clean them.

Because the alginers can be taken out you can also generally eat what you normally eat while having the Invisalign orthodontic treatment. How great is that?

As well as your teeth looking straight there are major health benefits too. Once your teeth are straightened you will find that you can maintain the health of your teeth and gums much easier. Crooked teeth make it hard to keep your gums healthy and can lead to gum disease, but once they are straight it makes it much simpler

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