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Clear orthodontic treatment in Aldershot

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buy ivermectin ivermectin When looking at photos of yourself, have you ever thought: “If I had straight teeth I would smile more often.” Misaligned, crooked, spaced and uneven teeth can affect your confidence when in social situations. You may want to consider teeth straightening. You might have been given the opportunity for orthodontic braces as a teenager, but at the time other things were more important then a having your teeth straightened with uncomfortable metal traintracks. You look back now and think, “I should have got them done”. Fortunately, you can now get your teeth straightened without the need for metal traintrack orthodontic braces. At Time Dental, we are proud to offer clear aligner braces in Aldershot, which is a discreet and convenient treatment.

Super discreet

Clear aligner braces offered to our patients in Aldershot mean that you can have your teeth straightened without people knowing that your wearing braces. We use a system called Invisalign. We believe its the best clear aligner system as they have completed lots of research into the technology of the aligners, with having millions of cases treated all over the world. The clear aligners are custom fit and changed every 2 weeks to help move your teeth into the correct position. 3D computer printing and prediction is used to plan your case. The clear aligners are removable, which means you can still eat what you want and be able to clean your teeth as normal. Treatment time for each case varies. On average cases can finish between 6- 18 month depending on the initial clinical situation. The great thing is you can get a specific plan of how many aligners it will take to get to your end result before you’ve even started the active treatment.

Straighter teeth- healthier mouths

Having clear braces in Aldershot, not only improves your appearance but also allows you to have a healthier mouth. Trying to remove plaque and tartar build up from crowded teeth or tipped teeth due to spaces can be really hard. If the bacteria is left in place it will cause gum disease which can in turn cause heart problems, diabetes, stroke and premature births. Having clear braces in Aldershot, means your teeth are straight and are much easier to keep clean. This means your teeth and gums will stay strong and healthy. 

If your looking for help, give our team a call on 01252 723 008.

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