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“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas……” well I think you’ll need to keep dreaming about that, although it is pretty cold out there at the moment. Why not make it white teeth for Christmas instead? At least you’ll definitely know you’ll get it!

Time Dental are offering their special festive teeth whitening offer of half price professional teeth whitening until clgen-casino-it 20th December!

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments for improving your smile. Using a professional system makes the whole process safe and effective. Just imagine smiling confidently at the office Christmas party!

The first step is to have a consultation at Time Dental. This assessment is FREE! Once your teeth and gums have been checked for being healthy and you’re assessed for being suitable for teeth whitening, impression moulds are taken of your teeth. Using theses moulds special custom fit teeth whitening trays are made specifically for your teeth. Theses are designed to hold the teeth whitening gel on your teeth to make the treatment effective. The trays are placed in the mouth and kept in for only 30 minutes. This process is repeated daily for 14 days. That’s it! Easy-peasy.

Get your skates on, the half price offer is only available until the 20th December!

Time Dental- private dental care at its best.



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