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Tarn Tāran John Lewis have released their Christmas ad. Have you seen it? It’s pretty funny. So unofficially this is now the start of the festive season.

With the Christmas build up now starting Time Dental are offering the Christmas teeth whitening offer. Half price teeth whitening up until 20th December.

Yes that’s right. Get your teeth whiter so you can look your best for the party season. The chances are we are not going to have a white Christmas (can you remember the days when we did?), but you can definitely get a white smile for Christmas.

The Time Dental professional teeth whitening system package includes your clinical assessment, custom fit special teeth whitening trays, your teeth whitening gel and a follow up appointment to reassess your teeth and clinical photographs. We’ve found the before and after photos of your treatment invaluable as it shows just how much your teeth have changed to a brighter smile.

The initial clinical assessment is really important. It’s to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy before starting on the teeth whitening treatment. Not everyone is suitable for teeth whitening and so we want to make sure that if you start on teeth whitening treatment that it’ll work for you and give you that brighter whiter smile that you have wanted.

The results we achieve are often 8 shades lighter and have a very natural brightness. The brightness of your teeth while last depending on your lifestyle. If you don’t see a hygienist, you smoke, drinks lots of tea, coffee, red wine and dark coloured soft drinks- then the whitening treatment will not last as long as someone who does not do the above.

Professional teeth whitening is completely safe when the procedure is provided by your dentist. If you lack the confidence in smiling and don’t like your picture being taken and posted on social media, then this will give you that confidence.

Time Dental have been providing this treatment for over 7 years. We know what works and what will give you the best result. It’s time to smile.

Time Dental- private dental care at its best.

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