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As your local dentist to Aldershot have a look at the pictures above.

This is a case of a lovely lady who came to see us at Time Dental near Aldershot. She didn’t like her upper teeth looking very short and overlapped. She also didn’t like the way her teeth looked very small and showed alot of gum and she wanted to smile without worrying about it.

We discussed her options and the one that suited her was improving the gum line with gum sculpting and then placing four veneers to improve the length of her teeth.

She was amazed with the result and we were so pleased to help her achieve her goal of smiling without stress.

Veneers are made of very strong ceramic. They are custom fit and shaped to each individual tooth by a master ceramist in a laboratory. Once we have bonded the veneers onto your teeth they are extremely strong and they can last many years.

If you live in Aldershot and are looking to improve your smile, then why not give us a call? As your local dentist to Aldershot we can help you achieve your goal with our range of options such as ceramic veneers, composite bonding, adult orthodontics and many more treatments to help you.

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