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Retalhuleu teeth whitening before at Time Dental in farnham, surreyteeth whitening after at Time Dental in farnham, surrey

Tulancingo Time Dental in Farnham have been running a very popular teeth whitening offer. Half price professional teeth whitening offer ends on the 31st July. So you’d better get your skates on!

Check out the pictures above. Sam came to see us because she was unhappy with her crooked teeth as well as the colour. She had a wedding coming up and wanted to freshen up her smile so she would look great for the wedding. After completing the teeth alignment we also used the Time Dental professional teeth whitening package for her smile, which made it brighter which meant she felt confident when she was smiling for the pictures.

Time Dental uses the gold standard of professional teeth whitening. So if you feel unhappy with the colour of your teeth, if its made you self conscious about smiling, if you hide your teeth when you smile, then you want come see us for a FREE consultation before July 31st.

What have you got to lose? Nothing, but what you’ll gain is a whole load of confidence. Just imagine what you could do with that!

Time Dental will guarantee you a brighter smile. You can’t say better than that. You’d better hurry to take advantage of the offer, it ends on the 31st July.

At your consultation Dr Rashid will assess the colour of your teeth and take a series of photos. He’ll also give you an indication of the results you will achieve and make sure that the teeth are suitable for whitening. Once that has been completed he’ll take moulds of your teeth so that we can construct your bespoke custom fit teeth whitening trays. We use the gold standard method for teeth whitening as it gives the best results.

Time Dental- private dental care at its best.

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