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This is a question I get asked alot at Time Dental. It can be very important to some people especially if there is a big event such as a wedding to go to!

As there are different types of appliances the length of time varies due to the way the appliance works and how crowded/ spaced/ rotated the teeth are in the first place.

If your case has multiple options for teeth straightening then you need to decide what appliance is suitable for your lifestyle, if it’s within your budget and not just how long it is going to take.

The Inman aligner for example is excellent at moving teeth quickly. I have had cases finish in as little as 4 months! However the appliances will work this fast for very specific cases and is only designed to move the upper or lower front 4 teeth. It’s bulkier than the other appliances but it is removable and works very well to achieve the end result.

Invisalign clear aligners is another option. The time frame can be anything from 9 to 24 months depending on the goals that need to be achieved. Invisalign is not suitable for all cases and careful treatment planning is required. It’s very discreet, its removable but has its limitations.

Clear fixed brackets is another option that can take from 5-11 months depending on the starting point. You can achieve some amazing results with this option. The case above was treated with clear fixed bracket braces and was completed in about 7 months!

There are other brackets that are attached on the inside of your upper or lower teeth, but that is often uncomfortable due to the tongue rubbing on the brackets.

These short time frame orthodontic cases are very popular. In some cases comprehensive orthodontics is required by a specialist which can take 2-3 years of treatment. The reason it can take this long is because the back teeth are also being moved, the jaw relationship is often changed, or certain teeth at the front are in such a position that it simply takes longer to get it into the correct alignment.

The best thing to do is discuss whats important with the dentist who is providing your treatment and carefully making an informed decision about your exciting treatment.

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