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buy Lyrica online cheap Before adult orthodontics at Time Dental in FarnhamAfter adult orthodontics at Time Dental in Farnham

http://lumiistyle.com/wp-content/themes/GeoPlaces/style.css This Is Jackie. She is a regular at our dental practice as she sees us to look after her general dental care. One day she tells us that she is unhappy with the space in between her upper front teeth and the crooked lower teeth. She also wanted them to be a little whiter. She previously had orthodontic treatment as a teenager, but she never wore her retainers and so her teeth drifted back.

This is a very common story that we hear Time Dental and we treat many relapsed orthodontic cases.

We talked through her options which ranged from clear aligner braces, fixed clear bracket orthodontic braces a referral to a specialist orthodontist. She saw pictures of similar cases that we had completed and wanted the fastest option which were the clear fixed orthodontic braces.

No longer are the metal train tracks necessary. Advances in technology mean that the brackets can now be clear to make them as discreet as possible. When the braces are on the first 2-3 weeks can be difficult as your mouth gets used to the brackets in place. Fixed brackets are the most efficient way of moving your teeth. We can often complete case in 8 – 10 months. In Jackie’s case we finished in 8 months and its a great result. We also did some complementary teeth whitening at the end. She was really happy.

The reason why we can complete in such a short time is that we are focusing on the upper and lower FRONT teeth only. Specialist orthodontists aim for comprehensive ideal treatment, and in many cases adults do not want that. They just want to correct what is seen at the front of the mouth.

In order to prevent the teeth from relapsing we provide retainers. They can be fixed or removable and they are required for life in order to keep your teeth straight.

If your interested, call us at Time Dental on 01252 723 008 for a FREE consultation.

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