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ead9c078e08f09dbda1d9f8413053f9c Orthodontic retainer for Farnborough patients at Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

If you’re considering starting orthodontic treatment you need to also be aware of how to keep your teeth straight once you have completed your treatment. As your local Farnborough dentist, we know how important this is.

Retainers are the key. Once you have gone through a course of adult orthodontic braces, retainers are placed to ensure that you reduce the risk of your teeth relapsing back to the position they started at.

buy modafinil usa reddit What are retainers?

There are two types of retainers. A bonded fixed retainer and a removable retainer. A bonded fixed retainer is a very thin wire that is custom fit and runs on the inside of your six front teeth. The wire is bonded to the teeth with composite bonding pads. It feels very much like your teeth when you run your tongue on the inside and cannot be seen by anyone. This type of retainer is designed to be in place for the long term. It may need repair at some point in the future but this can be easily corrected by your dentist. They can still be removed easily if required but you risk your teeth moving back to their original position.

The other option is a removable retainer (Shown in the picture above). This is a clear appliance that fits snuggly over the teeth and is worn at night indefintely. They can last between 6 months to 2 years depending on how well you look after it. The downside is that if they are damaged, a new set will be required immediately.

Often both types of retainers are made as it is an important part of your on-going care. If you have a question, why not come in for a FREE consultation to see how we can help you? We’re your local dentist for Hampshire.

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