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before adult braces at Time Dental in Farnham, SurreyAfter clear adult braces at Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey


How does that sound? I know it’s very cold at the moment that’s why I need you to imagine the Summer. Smiling confidently as the sun shines down.  Does that sound a bit too far fetched?

Okay so maybe the sun shining down is a bit optimistic but having straight teeth by this summer could be a reality for you.

Have a look at the case above. This lady came to see me because she didn’t like her crooked teeth. After 7 months the results were amazing and she was over the moon.

At Time Dental we have different options to help you achieve your goal of feeling happy about smiling. We have removable braces and fixed clear braces options. 

Mīnjūr How do they work so fast? The reason why they work this fast is that they use very gentle pressure. In fact the lighter the pressure the faster the teeth move! I know that may not seem to make sense but that is actually what happens.

Sayville Does it hurt when they move? For the first few weeks your teeth are often tender and sore because your teeth and cheeks are getting used to the appliance. But once you get passed this stage there is little discomfort. 

Whenever anyone is considering adult orthodontics, I always tell my patients to think of the end result, which is straight white teeth in just a few months. How good would that make you feel?

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