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Welcome back to part 3 of our series on dental implants. We’ve covered what dental implants are and how they can be used in many different situations to replace missing teeth. We’ve also discussed how long they last and how to ensure you can help to maintain their longevity. Today we’re discussing the fees for dental implants.

As each case is clinically different and there are many different scenarios and options for using dental implants, your dentist and implant surgeon will be able to quote you the fees required for your specific treatment plan. As we have discussed previously, dental implants are not a “one size fits all” situation.

You may find your investment for dental implants is high however when compared to the alternative options of dental bridges or dentures, the benefits of dental implants far out way the fee for the investment. Dental implant benefits include not having to prepare adjacent healthy teeth like bridges, replacing only what is missing, giving you fixed teeth unlike dentures and providing high success rates (often 98% success). Ultimately the choice is yours and you need to make an informed decision as what is best for you.

I can get cheaper implants abroad, I can make huge savings!  That may initially seem true and can seem very tempting, however you must consider why the fee is much cheaper. The old phrase “You get what you pay for” unfortunately still applies. Always take extreme caution if opting for dental tourism. Always ask for case evidence, how many cases has the implant surgeon completed, ask to see photographic evidence, what implant types are being used, what the after care follow up is, what happens if there is a complication? Who do you go to see?

Choosing the right team for dental implants is very important. You should choose a team you trust.

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