nail biting dames your teeth- time dental

Did you know that if you bite your nails you are highly likely to break your teeth?

Whether you bite your nails because your nervous or you bite them to keep them trim or because its a habit- This will place your teeth under stress.

I’ve seen so many chips of the edges of the upper and lower front teeth due to nail biting that I’ve lost count! When you bite your nails you bring your teeth edge to edge and over time this can cause them to wear because nails can actually be quite hard. Sometimes you can bite too hard and the teeth can chip on the opposing teeth.

The best thing to do is to stop the nail biting. For some people this is very easy to do, for others this can be a challenge. Try these tips:

1. paint your nail with a special clear nibble inhibitor. Every time you try to bite your nails the taste will put you off.

2. Place a plaster on the nail that gets chewed on to remind you to stop.

3. Place false finger nails on.

4. Keep your finger nails short by cutting them with nail clippers- not your teeth!

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