Importance of a great smile- Time Dental

A healthy, confident smile can make a big impact on your life. Having straight teeth can improve how other people perceive your personality as well as your attractiveness.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get your teeth straightened:

1. Increased self-confidence. Most adults think a great smile is an important social asset. A nice smile can affect job opportunities and even the people you attract in your life. No need to worry about making a bad impression or having your photo taken.

2. Straight, white teeth look more attractive. Like it or not appearance does matter. You have 7 seconds to make an impression when you meet someone for the first time whether it is socially or for  business. If you want to make a good impression a nice smile with straight teeth is more attractive than crooked, discoloured teeth.

3. Healthier teeth with straight teeth. If you have crooked teeth, food and plaque can easily trap in between causing tooth decay and gum disease as you are not able to clean them as easily as teeth that are straight.

4. Less wear and tear. Crooked and misaligned teeth result in uneven distribution of force which can wear teeth prematurely. When your teeth are straight there is a reduced risk of uneven wear.

5. Reduce the risk of fracturing your teeth. With crooked teeth that are particularly protruding you are at a higher risk of breaking your teeth in an accidental fall, sports injury or car accident.

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