Sugar: the problems it causes for your dental health

Well the New Year has started and so has the health campaigns after the excesses of Christmas. The Public Health England Change4Life campaign offers “sugar swap tips”. Have a look HERE for more details about the campaign.

Sugar is in many things: Bread, coleslaw, some tomato based pasta sauces and even enhanced water, the list is endless. As an example many parents do not know that kids snacking on dried fruit all day is setting them up for rapid tooth decay. Although a  small box of raisins (0.5 oz) has no added sugar it contains the equivalent of 3 teaspoons of sugar and if its being snacked on all day tooth decay will happen. Officials feel children are consuming far more than is necessary. Eating too much sugar can lead to obesity which can in turn lead to increased risk of heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

As discussed in Time Dental’s recent “Tooth decay and how to prevent it- definitive guide” series, sugar is one of the big factors that contribute to tooth decay. However to cause tooth decay there also needs to be a frequent consumption of sugar as well as the harmful decay causing bacteria. Studies have found that in England one of the most common reasons for hospital admissions for children aged 5-9 was tooth decay. This is very sad to hear as tooth decay is a preventable disease. That’s why at Time Dental we want to spread the message for healthy eating which will lead to a healthy happy family.

Its easy to say stop doing this and do more of that. The best thing to do is to take small changes to your lifestyle as recommended by the Change4Life campaign. Small changes and moderation of the foods you give your kids to eat will make a huge difference.