Attract the opposite sex with a bright smile

Having a bright smile can not only look great but can also improve your chances of getting a boyfriend/girlfriend.  A study by found that having bright teeth and a nice smile makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Here are 3 simple  tips to help you natuarlly keep your teeth white:

1. Drinks lots of water.

This may sound silly, but by drinking water it acts as a mechanical washing action for the teeth. It will help to remove plaque bacteria and if you rinse with water after eating and drinking high coloured drinks it will reduce the staining ability of these types of food and drinks.

2. Eat raw vegetables

Eating raw carrots, celery, brocolli or cauliflower helps to remove surface staining and plaque bacteria which will make your teeth look dirty and discoloured.

3. Brush your teeth properly

I’m not kidding. I have lost count of the number of patients that we see who have told us that they would like whiter teeth and all they need to do is take a toothbrush to their teeth, as well as clean interdentally. Also see your hygienist regularly to help stay on top of it.

Do NOT brush with baking soda regularly. Although it may initally brighten your teeth, it is very abrasive if used daily it will actually damage your teeth.