sterilisation pouches at Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey

A dentist in Nottingham has been in the press recently and is currently under investigation for allegedly breaching basic cross-infection control procedures. This has resulted in 22,000 patients that he has treated over the years being recalled to be tested for blood borne viruses.

Cross-infection control is very serious and at Time Dental we make sure it is a top priority to ensure absolute safety for our patients and our staff.

Strict documented protocols are in place at each stage of the patient appointment to make sure everybody is safe. To give an example we have guidelines on the correct way to wash hands in between seeing patients and using new sterile gloves for each patient. One-use instruments when used are safely and immediately disposed of. Those instruments that need sterilising are put through a regimental process of washing and disinfecting; ultrasonic bathing and finally placing into a autoclave for complete sterilisation. The instruments and then placed in sterilisation pouches and dated to complete the recorded cycle. This is all carried out in our dedicated decontamination room to provided absolute patient safety. Our CQC certificate validates that we have passed all our cross-infection control procedures. Special tests on our autoclave are carried out on a daily basis and recorded.

At Time Dental we treat cross-infection control extremely seriously. We treat our patients the way we would want to be treated ourselves- and that’s with absolute safety.