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Before adult orthodontics at Time Dental

After adult orthodontics at Time Dental








“I am absolutely delighted with my new smile. The result is better and was achieved much more quickly than I expected. Thank you!”

Meet Lisa. She had upper crowded teeth, her upper front central incisors were shorter lengths than her lateral incisors which created an aged appearance and she also wanted to improve the colour. Being very self-conscious of her crooked teeth she often did not show them when she smiled. A very common story that we hear all the time at Time Dental.

We discussed her options which ranged  from ceramic veneers to adult orthodontics with tooth whitening and composite bonding on the edges of her upper central incisors. We provided a computer simulation of what her teeth would look like. She decided to straighten her upper teeth first with adult orthodontic braces. Once we had got them into a better postion after 16 weeks of orthodontics we then whitened her teeth. Her teeth were already bright as she had whitened them in the past, but after a course of orthodontics the teeth can look a little discoloured. So once we got them to the shade that she was happy at we carried out composite bonding on the edges of her upper central teeth. This helped to restore the teeth to the original length and helped bring balance and harmony to her smile.

Now she can’t stop smiling. That’s a perfect result!

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