Ronaldinho before and after photos of his smile makeover

The World cup is almost upon us. That creates very mixed emotions ranging from “I couldn’t care less” to “I’m about to explode with the excitement”. Most people are aware that the tournament is being held in Brazil. You may also be aware that one of Brazil’s star players- Ronaldinho has not been selected for the Brazil squad.

So it looks like he will be watching the game as a spectator but at least he can smile with even more confidence. Last year Ronaldinho had dental treatment to change his trademark gummy grin to a more pleasing smile. Take a look at his before photo on the right and his after photo on the left.

You can see from the before photo on the right that he shows a large amount of gum- this is called a gummy smile due to his high upper lip line. He also has quite small sized teeth for the actual size of his mouth. The upper central incisor teeth  protrude and are prominent and he also has mild overlapping (crowding ) of his upper teeth that result in a bucked -tooth appearance. In order to achieve the look on the left photo he had a procedure known as a gum lift which helps to reduce the amount of gum showing when smiling. Following this procedure he had at least 6 or more veneers to help reposition, add length and improve the brightness of his teeth. Dental veneers are individual ceramic custom made facings that are made by a master ceramist and then individually bonded onto the teeth. Veneers are a great way of improving the colour, shape and position of your teeth. They look their best for 10 -15 years and are very strong when bonded to the teeth. With careful dental health maintenance Ronaldinho will be smiling for many years to come. Except when England win the World cup this year!…………Well you can dream cant you?