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buy modafinil credit card Easter eggs and the reason for Easter


I love Easter. Spending time with the family, going on Easter egg hunts, eating Easter eggs, hot cross buns, attempting to make a half decent Easter bonnet for my daughter’s school parade! It’s lots of fun.

Your a dentist eating chocolate Easter eggs? I hear you gasp. Yes that’s right I do eat a chocolate egg at Easter I cant resist it!

Being aware of sugar intake throughout the day is really important for your health. The recent reports by WHO (World Health Organisation) recommend halving your sugar intake. Have a look at the summary on nhs.uk http://kayadorper.com.au/archives/40 here. Having a high sugar intake can result in an unhealthy diet and weight gain as well as increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Tooth decay will also result from a high sugar diet.

Getting a healthy diet balance is key and reducing unhealthy snacks will really help. You’ll be surprised at how much sugar there is in the processed foods we eat.

The good news is that you can do something about it today! The other Good News is the amazing Easter story. If you’d like to find out more you’re invited to Jubilee Church in Farnham on Easter Sunday. Have a look HERE.

Have a Happy Easter!

Dr Rashid and the team

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