Feeding the young with no need to brush their teeth afterwards at Birdworld inspires dentist at Time Dental near Fleet in Hampshire to give secrets to brushing your child's teeth

I was at Birdworld in Farnham recently with the family.  A fun day out to take the kids and see lots of different birds. When seeing the parent birds feeding their little ones it reminded me of how birds do not have teeth and they can get away with swallowing their food whole. No teeth to clean their active chicks!


Having two young children of my own I understand how difficult it can be to brush your child’s teeth, but it is still very important at a young age to get them into good habits.

Try these tips:

  • Brush your child teeth twice a day
  • Let them watch you brush your teeth in the morning- kids love to copy grown ups
  • Only use a smear of toothpaste with fluoride in. Choose an age appropriate toothpaste.
  • If they are a toddler have them sat in your lap with the head cradled in the crook of your arm, or lie them down with you kneeling behind their head- this gives you good access to brush.
  • give them another tooth brush to hold so they can have a play.
  • give LOTS of praise when they let you brush their teeth
  • Sometimes you will only get a few seconds to brush their teeth. Don’t worry- the more consistently you brush their teeth the more accustomed they will become.
  • make it fun! sing a song about tooth brushing

Let me know if you have any other tips that work for you. Every child is different!

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