The simplest way to improve your smile is to use professional tooth whitening from your cosmetic dentist.  Teeth whitening using a professional dental system is easy to do and can achieve results fast.

We had a patient come to see us at Time Dental near Fleet looking to freshen up his smile.  He had already had adult orthodontic braces to straighten is teeth, and now they were nice and straight the discolouration was bothering him.  He did not drink lots of tea, coffee or red wine but his teeth were still very dark in colour.

We discussed his various tooth whitening options.  One was to use in- office tooth whitening that boosts the shade of your teeth straight away.  A concentrated gel is placed on the teeth for 1 hour to make an immediate impact.

The other option was the professional tooth whitening system.  This is where custom fit tooth whitening trays are made and the special gel is placed into the trays.  The tooth whitening trays are worn for 1 hour.  This process is repeated for 10-14 days to achieve a great result.

Time Dental provides this service for patients in Fleet as well as the surrounding areas of Hampshire, Surrey, West sussex and Berkshire.