Gum disease can be a silent disease with no warnings.  However you can often have symptoms of bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gum line, sensitive teeth, and loose teeth. Studies have also shown links between gum disease, premature births, strokes, heart disease and diabetes.

A patient came to Time Dental in Farnham looking to improve the look of her smile.  She wanted to know her options for closing the spaces between her upper front teeth.  The options were either using orthodontic braces to close the spaces or composite bonding for immediate space closing.  She had not been to a dentist in three years and so decided to have a comprehensive healthy mouth examination as she was looking for a dentist to continue her dental health care.

After fully assessing her mouth she had significant bleeding of the gums and a build up of tartar under the gum line.  These were signs of mild gum disease.  Plaque bacteria builds on the teeth everyday.  When the plaque bacteria calcifies this becomes tartar which sticks to the teeth.  The bacteria can then progress to below the gum line and begin to destroy the boney support around the teeth resulting in periodontal pockets.

The best approach to eliminate gum disease and achieve a healthy mouth is prevention. A good home regime of a healthy diet, regular tooth brushing and interdental cleaning combined with seeing your dentist and hygienist for a continuing hygiene therapy programme will be a huge benefit to your dental health.

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