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Bracken Ridge Gappy smiles can have a real impact on your confidence.  A patient came to Time Dental near Guildford looking for options to brighten her smile and close the spaces between her upper front teeth.  She had orthodontic braces in the past and as she had not worn her retainer so the gaps had opened up and she was very conscious when smiling; to the point where she would cover her mouth with her hand every time she laughed.  She wanted to know what her options were to help her feel confident again.

Begūn Once we had assessed her smile we discussed whether she would like the spaces closed using orthodontic braces.  She had heard about clear aligners that were very discreet adult braces and also the Inman aligner which helps to straighten teeth in a matter of weeks.  She told me she was going on holiday in four weeks and would like to look good for that if possible.

In such a small time frame we discussed an alternative option which was composite bonding.  This is a technique that is used to bond tooth coloured composite filling in order to reshape teeth, close gaps, lengthen teeth and improve your smile with immediate effect.  She had discoloured teeth so she was keen to tooth whiten first and then match the composite bonding to her brighter smile.

Time Dental provides this service to patients in Guildford as well as other areas in Surrey, West sussex, Berskshire and Hampshire.

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