Mercury fillings are gradually becoming a thing of the past.  Many patients are coming to see us due to broken teeth that have mercury fillings in, or are looking to replace them for better aesthetic white composite fillings.

Mercury fillings gradually leak mercury over time.  Although studies have said that not enough mercury leaks into your system to have any side effects and cause medical problems.  They also expand and contract over time.  This results in stress in the amalgam filled tooth which can result in the filling breaking or the tooth breaking. 

Today there are better aesthetic alternatives to mercury amalgam fillings.  When mercury fillings get to a certain size it can leave the tooth weak in structure and the tooth may break.  In order to prevent the cusps from breaking a crown or onlay maybe recommended.  Onlays bond to the tooth which gives the tooth strength, the margins are high up on the tooth which allow you to keep them plaque free and they can be made of resin or ceramic which is tooth coloured.  Onlays- an alternative to crowns and heavily filled teeth.

Time dental provides this service to patients in Alton as well as the surrounding areas of Hampshire, Surrey, west sussex and Berkshire.

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