A patient came to Time Dental near Fleet for an emergency appointment with a broken tooth.  She had not been to a dentist in 6 years and was very apprehensive as she had a previous bad experience at the dentist which put her off attending regularly for 6 monthly healthy mouth reviews.  He had eaten a seeded bread which result in part of her tooth breaking.  The tooth was now sensitive to cold drinks.

On assessing the tooth the back section of her tooth had indeed broken off.  However the reason why it broke was due to the fact that the tooth had become very decayed.  When decay starts on a tooth and becomes extensive the tooth becomes much weaker.  In her case not only had the tooth now broken but the decay had now reached the nerve of the tooth which is why it was now sensitive to temperature.  If this decay had been caught in its early stages the tooth could have been filled with direct white composite.  Composite fillings when placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist can look like a completely natural tooth.

As the decay had now become so extensive the options for this tooth were either root canal therapy or extraction.  Root canal therapy is a way of keeping your own teeth.  It involves disinfecting the inside of the tooth and filling where the nerve used to be.  The tooth is then often crowned to prevent the tooth from breaking any further.  Crowns can be tooth coloured or metal.  The tooth coloured crowns are made of ceramic which are very strong when bonded to the tooth.  Crowns are an effective way of restoring a weak tooth so that you can bite comfortably and with confidence.

Time Dental provides this service for patients in the Fleet area as well as the surrounding towns in Hampshire, Surrey, West sussex and Berkshire.

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