A patient came to Time Dental near Fleet to see how we could help improve her smile.  She had overlapping upper front teeth which had bothered her for many years.  She had researched adult braces and was interested in the invisible braces that we offered at Time Dental.

There are currently two types of adult invisible braces that are offered at Time Dental.  One is a type that uses a series of clear aligners that help straighten teeth.  The adult clear aligner braces are very discreet and they are changed every two weeks which incrementally push the teeth into the correct position.  Treatment time for this type of adult brace can take between 8-24 months depending on the type of movements required to achieve straight teeth.  Once the teeth are straight using the orthodontic clear aligners they are helped to stay in place using special retainers.  Many adults are seeking straight teeth after having orthodontic braces as teenagers because retainers have not been worn.  After a course of adult orthodontic braces be they invisible braces of fixed braces; wearing retainers is a must.

Time Dental provides the adult braces service for patients in Fleet as well as the surrounding areas of Hampshire, West sussex, Berkshire and Surrey.

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