A patient came to Time Dental looking to straighten her teeth as fast as possible.  She was not keen on traditional train track braces for adults.  She had a wedding to go to in September and wanted to look good for it.

We discussed her options interms of invisible adult braces.  One option was the Invisalign clear aligner adult brace sysytem.  This uses discreet clear aligners that are changed every 2 weeks which incrementally move the teeth into the desired position.  Treatment Time can take anything between 8-24 months depending on the movements we needed to achieve.  Although this adult brace system is discreet she wanted to know if there was any other orthodontic brace that could move teeth faster.

The other adult brace option we talked about was the Inman aligner.  This is a removable brace that uses spring loaded coils that squeeze the teeth into the correct position.  It uses very gentle pressure to move the teeth which makes it comforatble to wear unlike traditional braces that are tightened every time you visit the orthodontist.  The Inman aligner is perfect for straightening the front four upper or lower teeth which is what most people are commonly unhappy with.  The aligner is relatively discreet but the main advantage is that it can move teeth in a matter of weeks!  Treatment time to straighten your teeth can typically take between 8-16 weeks.

Time Dental provides this sinnovative traightening teeth service for adults in Fleet and surrounding towns in the Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West sussex area.

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