A patient came to Time Dental having been referred from another dental practice to correct her smile.  She had always been bothered about how crooked her teeth were, but she was also advised to correct her smile with adult braces in order to help keep her gums healthy.  When you have overlapping teeth they end up being a plaque trap as the crowded teeth are much harder to keep clean.  This leaves you at risk of developing gum disease.

On assessing her mouth she had moderate crowding/ overlapping of her lower front teeth.  We discussed her options for traditional train track orthodontic work which she was not too keen on due to the look of them.  Her alternative option for correcting her smile with adult braces was the Invisalign clear aligner system.

The Invisalign adult braces uses a series of virtually invisible clear aligners that are worn for 2 weeks at a time.  As treatment progresses the aligners gradually move your teeth into the correct position.  As they are removable you can keep your gums and teeth healthy and clean as normal as well as eat the foods you normally eat unlike train-track orthodontic braces.  Treatment time can take between 8-24 months depending on the severity of the original crowding.

Invisalign adult braces is a great option for patients who are conscious of having braces. The adult braces are virtually invisible.  They allow you to keep your mouth healthy during treatment and you can eat your normal food.

Time Dental provides this adult braces Invisalign clear aligners for patients in the Camberley area as well as other areas in Surrey, Hampshire, West sussex and Berkshire.

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